Rules & Guidelines

While the philosophy of the Rodear is to have a minimum of rules governing the course, the following will be enforced:

>The objective is to complete the course while achieving the most points in the least amount of time.

>In the event of a point tie, tie-breaker will be the quickest time.

>No restrictions on use of the horse/rider to assist dog in maneuvering cattle through the obstacle course.

>Majority of Obstacles will require both the dog and horse/rider to negotiate and complete. 

>Quiet and controlled maneuvering of cattle is required. Contestants will be whistled out for excessive chasing or abusing of livestock and/or chasing cattle outside of the boundaries of the course.

Rodear Classes

The Open class is for any dog and any handler.

The Non-Pro class is for individuals who do not receive remuneration for training dogs. Any dog may compete in this division.

The Beginner class is for inexperienced handlers who have not competed in cow dog competitions. After an individual has won a Beginner Rodear class three (3) times, he or she must move up to the other Rodear divisions.

The Green Dog class is intended for young and/or inexperienced dogs that are not ready to compete in the other Rodear classes offered. Once a Green Dog has won a Green Dog Rodear class two (2) times, the dog must move up to the other Rodear divisions.